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Garth's Gardens: Maintenance
Maintaining Your Garden Actively ~
 for distinctly improved beauty & vitality
  •  water-saving, effective irrigation monitoring
  •  monthly fertilizing
  •  yearly composting
  •  aeration
  •  Irrigation system monitoring: regular check, tune, and repair
  •  Efficient, water-saving watering
  •  Specialized fertilizing of all plants
  •  Yearly organic compost application of all planting beds (late winter)
  •  Yearly application of mulch/bark as needed
  •  Seasonal  (and as-needed) tree/bush/hedge pruning and trimming
  •  Actively monitoring and managing health of all plants
  •  Pest management (natural and organic when possible)
  •  Consulting on garden projects and planting ideas; hardscape
  •  Regular upgrading/improving of garden plantings