flagstone walkway along green plants
flowers and plants with stone steps alongside
flowers and plants in circle created by flagstone walkway
Garth's Gardens: Garden Design
Creative Design ~ Expert Installation ~ Quality Maintenance
retaining wall with flowers, plants and trees above
A well-made garden offers peace ~
and graceful vibrancy.

In a garden one finds order and harmony,
as well as beauty throughout the year.  

A garden gives delight and surprises as
plants move through the cycle of blossom,
leaf and fruit, each with its own special
genius. Stone, slope, pathways and flowing
elements create a presence of real wonder
and grace.

A good garden design, informed by the
knowledge of plants' habits and ways - and
a feel for best highlighting the home and
other existing features - can truly
transform a property.
flagstone pathway with palnts on either side leading to house door
side picture of roses, and other flowers
ferns and trees with flagstone pathway
flowering plant in wooden tub
flagstone patio area
flowers and trees
flagstones bar at bottom of page