Garth's Gardens: Irrigation Systems
Creative Design ~ Expert Installation ~ Quality Maintenance
Irrigation Systems
                        Garth Gilchrist is a Marin County certified
Bay Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional"
System Installation
  Versatile, professional irrigation systems designed to meet your needs,
       to save water and your budget.

System Maintenance & Monitoring
      Professional services for your existing system  

System Design
  • In-ground "In-Line" valve systems for fully out-of-sight, high quality            
    performance for years to come.
  •  "Anti-siphon" valve systems for lower-cost yet fully dependable irrigation   
 of lawn and garden beds.
  •  Water-saving MP Rotator pop-up lawn systems
  •  Low-pressure drip systems for beds and garden
  •   Automatic timer installation/replacement; "Smart System" installation